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2 Reasons to Choose Hot Carbonating Extraction Over All Other Carpet Cleaning Methods!

1. Carpets cleaned with hot carbonating extraction stay cleaner longer

Our hot carbonating extraction process does not use soapy or detergent chemicals. Many people are unaware that soapy chemicals attract dirt and grime. This explains why steam cleaned carpet often takes hours to dry and attracts dirt in the process. Shine Bright Chem-Dry's hot carbonating process allows your carpet to dry in 1-2 hours, leaving your carpet healthier and cleaner!

2. No reappearing stains

The power of carbonation effectively removes the stains from beneath a carpet's surface, rather than forcing them deeper into the fibers like may steam cleaners. Therefore, the stain is removed and it will not resurface again in the same spot. This helps your carpets last longer and look better than original steam cleaning.

When it comes to carpet cleaning methods, the hot carbonating extraction process is your best choice. That is why Shine Bright Chem-Dry is unrivaled in our industry technology. We guarantee your home will be left cleaner, healthier, and drier! Call us today at 727-334-1777